IT Vendors are integral to the IT industry here are a few outlined below that play a major part in the IT industry as it stands today. Many of our clients partner with the biggest names in the IT Industry and below is a list of the biggest IT Vendors and their specialisms


IBM has a range of services – cloud, consulting, software, data analytics, business continuity, virtualization, outsourcing, integration, systems and security make sure it continues to dominate key sectors across the world as a one stop business technology provider and it doesn’t stop there. Artificial Intelligence is another area that the company has led the way on and will continue to do so in the near future.


Designer, manufacturer and seller of networking equipment, Cisco is another dominate force in the IT industry and have become an integral part of businesses and there are no signs of abating. Where virtualized servers, networks and storage are concerned, Cisco are expanding adding options to network based applications, web conferencing, unified communications and more importantly the Internet of Everything projects, investing and growing IoT start ups to ensure its dominance in the industry for many years to come.


Hewlett-Packard is the world’s largest IT vendor and has a history of making some big acquisitions in the industry. Recently it announced the split of its PC and printer business from its enterprise products and services arm of the business. Serving mainly SMEs, it has focused on delivering enterprise-class hardware – data centre, disaster recovery planning and management infrastructure. IBM is its other major competitor when delivering enterprise level products and services. Famous for the “HP Way,” Meg Whitman serves as CEO, one of the few women leaders in the IT industry.


Everyone knows Microsoft, led by Bill Gates, it was the most dominant force in PC software with its Windows Operating System and although it faces challenges from other players in the market, expect it to continue to leverage its market share especially when it comes to its “Software plus Services” strategy and its new found focus on tablet PCs and the Enterprise Level Cloud services.