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You Want This. You Really, Really Want This Job. You Have to Nail the Interview

You’ve rehearsed and practiced your questions and answers and you are pumped and ready for anything that might pop up. This is the time to breathe and be calm but you can’t because there is a lot riding on this, you really want this job. We’ve all been there, sitting at the reception area waiting to meet the interviewer.
Those 15 minutes before the interview starts, can seem like a long time and some bad habits will not help. You start biting your nails, biting your lips, checking your phone, getting that last game of Candy Crush in, daydreaming; anything can happen. Here are a few tips for you to think about employing when you are going for that all-important job.
Stay Calm! – Yes, yes it is easier done than said but this has to be number one on your list. If you come across as nervous the employer will have some sympathy for you but this won’t play in your favour all the time. Keep your mind clear and remind yourself that you’ve prepared for all the questions and answers – It is up to you now to nail it.
Stop Rehearsing You prepared for this last night and most of the week. You want to not only sound authentic but also, be authentic when you interview. One of the most important things the employer will be thinking about is “Can I work with this person?” and you want the answer to be a resounding ‘Yes’ when they conclude with the interview.
Decide on What You Want to be Remembered For – You want to stick in the mind of the employer and they need to remember you if you want that job. If you say ‘We’ a lot during the interview, you might come across as a great team player but is that what the job requires? Always talk more about the actions you took but don’t exaggerate! There is nothing worse when you are facing a problem or task that you told everyone you could handle
Don’t Get Distracted Put your phone away. You are supposed to be focusing on what you’ve prepared for. You do want this don’t you?
Sit Up Straight – This sounds strange but remember you get only one chance to make a really good first impression. If you slouch then you’re mind will slouch. Sit up straight and get your mind in order – your body language speaks volumes – remember that – don’t be overtly aggressive but definitely don’t be a slouch.
Review Make a flashcard of the key points and themes you want to get across and take a quick look at it. Don’t do additional research here – if you’re doing this now then you didn’t prepare properly. You only need a flashcard to remind you of key points
Happy! Pharrell’s song is catchy for a reason and if you’ve noticed, no matter how many times it plays on the radio you end up moving your head to it. Think happy thoughts because it will reflect in your voice and body language

Good Luck!