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Try not to be too specific but at the same time, do not indicate that you will be thinking of leaving by then.  Remain positive and enthusiastic outlining where you would like to see yourself in five years i.e. managing your own sector within the area of IT, or a different branch within the company.  Focus on what motivates you for example you may like to progress into the role which will further challenge you.


If you are asked this question try not to start reeling off everything about your life, they obviously want to find out about you but you should always try to relate it back to the job in hand unless otherwise asked.  Focus on your skills, qualifications and experiences, where you currently work and how the skills are transferable.  Mention any achievements related to targets set.  You should try to avoid mentioning a quality or skill without backing it up with evidence.  ‘I’m a peoples person’ means nothing, turn it around into ‘I’m extremely good with people because….’


These types of questions are there to test you but with the correct wording you can easily turn the question around to your advantage.  There are many different ways of approaching these questions, prior to the interview make a list of skill sets you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses.  Out of those weaknesses highlight one which you believe would not be relevant to the role (though be careful with your choice!).  Another way of dealing with this is to match a strength, which you know they are looking for against a comparative weakness. For example, as I’m a quick learner I tend to be impatient and therefore end up taking on other employees work.  Because I am able to acknowledge my weakness, I always aim to support any new employees to ensure they maintain the same work ethics as the company expects.


This is a chance for you to talk about your experiences in your working career, how you have always come up on top with your work, any targets or achievements you have met and any specifics from your curriculum vitae or list of career accomplishments.  You should also mention both your skills and qualities that will put you at an advantage against others and how all these elements would make you a valuable investment for the company.  This question is a good chance for you to shine, do not be afraid to sell yourself!


You should consider dividing this into two parts, firstly focus on your communication skills as this will always be vital within a working environment, qualities such as being: friendly, a good listener, loyal and always go the extra mile.  Then focus on your strengths within a working environment i.e. I’m a hard worker, motivated, determined, good at planning and prioritising, always remain professional, flexible and a quick learner.

But sometimes even if you are prepared correctly, some questions might be just that difficult to answer!