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There’s no denying that fashion plays a big part when it comes to getting the right job. Colours, styles and accessories can all play a huge role in how you are perceived when meeting an interviewer for the first time.

With guys fashion, I was always told at assessment days that blue and red ties are the ones which exert the most power and in particular for a job in sales, this was always viewed as a good thing. For ladies, the classic and more corporate look, whilst still prevalent, is nowadays more frequently offset by a much more casual tone which really allows the interviewee to showcase their personality.

Ultimately though it depends entirely on the position you are going for. Make sure to do some research into the company and their dress code before you attend your interview. Are they part of the more casual scene which is associated with new media? Traditionally, companies such as financial institutions and law firms with have a more professional look attributed to them on a day to day basis. The key thing is to make sure that you look like you are part of the team before you have been offered the job. Whilst it is important to stand out, you should try to do this with just a little bit of flair attributed to your attire (and personality) rather than going in the opposite direction to the established ethos of your interviewer’s office.
Whatever it is you choose to wear, there are considerations for either sex that a surprisingly high number of potential employers will look for:
– Are there shoes well kept? If they’re old then have they been cleaned and polished?
– Is the tie and shirt combination both well put together and clean and pressed?
– Is the suit sloppy or wrinkled?
– Fingernails! Are they clean and presentable…?
It is also important to bear in mind that when driving to an interview, you should do so without your coat on otherwise you can cause the back of your jacket to become creased. It is also very important that, if you are a smoker, save smoking until after the interview. You can look like a million pounds but if you smell like an ashtray then your interviewer will be immediately put off.

But ultimately, if you put as much effort into your appearance as you do your preparation for the interview, then you’re sure to give yourself the best chance possible.