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Here at TSR Select we’re always trying to see where the market is going, and without question one of the most exciting sectors offering both sales and technical roles, is IT security. In the last three months we have received direct approaches from companies in Germany, Australia, Israel and America to help them find staff and assist to setting up and developing new operations within the UK and sometimes Europe.
All these roles have been solution-based sales positions, offering excellent salary and benefit packages in great working environments. We have been successful in all but one of these cases and the other role is still to be filled.
If you combine this with the expanding number of UK vendors and VARs we represent this means security has become a major part of the TSR Select portfolio.
So the question is why are there so many great jobs and interesting companies in IT security?
We live in a world of cyber attacks, hacking, election rigging and the UK government opening its own Cyber Security Centre. This is not going away any time soon!
It’s been described as the great IT battleground. Our great commercial companies using IT and the net to grow their business and sell their products, under ongoing attack from hackers and cyber criminals around the world but being protected by the equivalent of the IT police or security services, namely IT security firms and staff. As more and more companies go online to trade the number and size of companies needing help grows and develops.
Also, as we move forward this will never change. It’s like the world of medicine, as soon as we develop a cure then in many instances the disease starts to mutate and we need a new cure. So IT security firms have to look at both prevention of known threats and sometimes solving new problems in time efficient manners. IT security is on the first page of most companies IT plan. This creates interesting positions and dynamic companies to service these needs.
This is what makes IT security a great place to work!
We have a wide range of IT Support jobs and IT Sales Jobs within the IT security sector.  Here are two vacancies that have come in this week:-
Senior Cyber Security Consultant
2nd Line Network Security Engineer
If you’d like to discuss similar opportunities with us please call on 020 837 9180.