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When people are new in management, holding meetings can be quite daunting and the actual event itself can be hard to control if you are a novice. These simple guidelines have helped me understand, control and direct meetings successfully over the years.
The first key is to decide the type of meeting you are going to have. It can be one of three types (or a combination of the three). The options are;

  1. To Tell– to introduce a new commission scheme, a change in management
  2. To Sell – can we have a big push to try and hit this month’s target?
  3. To Solve – how do we increase sales to our corporate client-base?

It is important not to sell the ‘Tell’ items. They are non-negotiable. You are just giving out information.
It’s important not to tell the ‘Sell’ items. You are asking for help.
It’s important to listen in the ‘Sell’ meeting
Having decided what type of meeting you are going to hold, you need a structure to follow.
The one I use is detailed below

  • Welcome and Introduction– hello and what will be covered.
  • Removal of negatives– any poor performance, discipline issues there may be, it is best to deal with straight away in order to be able to end the meeting on a positive note.
  • Training– introduce any element of training at this point. All staff wants development.
  • Attitude reinforcement– let the team know that we’re a great team and you have total confidence in their abilities to meet targets. It is important to keep morale up.
  • Ego recognition– awards, prizes, top performance; let the top people know that they are top dogs and you recognise their hard work. This will push them further to gain more recognition.
  • Finish– impending events in the future; set goals for the week, thank them for listening and bring the meeting to a close.

This structure is easy to use and has always kept me in control any meeting that I’ve held. Hopefully this will help you as well!
I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts!