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As the MD of an established IT sales and technical recruitment agency who has become good at talking the talk to admit it’s been sometime since I walked the walk! I was good at telling others what to do but could I still cut the mustard in the real world?
With this in mind I decided to get back in the trenches and get those feet moving again. The task in hand I chose was to recontact the best candidates from January of 2016 and see if we could be of help, what they needed, arrange it for them, send out the invoices and bask in the glory of my success while consultants looked at me awestruck with ‘a how did he do look on their faces’.
So on to the task, 20 emails sent out to targeted candidates and on to the phones. 10 minutes later 20 messages left! And another 20 and another 20,, calls at different times followed by my best messages, delivered with energy and enthusiasm.
I have actually reactivated 3 candidates but the striking thing is how few people answer their phone. Talk time is so low compared to what now seem like the good old days when 50% of calls were answered.
So suggestions are welcome but my mind is now turning to what to do to get more people to ‘have a chat’. How can I engage with more people in the modern digital age. It seems the first part of a phones use now is as a screening device.
I will spend the next week looking at this problem and return with my findings!